About the meeting

SCB's joint International Congress for Conservation Biology and European Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB-ECCB) is a forum for add ressing conservation challenges and for presenting new research and developments in conservation science and practice...


Registration & Participation


Registration, Fees, and Deadlines

Not a member of SCB? Become a member today to save on your ICCB-ECCB registration and enjoy other great benefits membership benefits!

If you’re already registered for the congress, but want to add a field trip, a pre-or-post congress session or a commemorative item like the congress t-shirt or program, please email contact our registration department at iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com. The subject line of your email should indicate the type of product you wish to add (field trip, pre-orpost congress session, commemorative item).

Register to Attend ICCB-ECCB 2015

ICCB-ECCB 2015 Registration Schedule
Early Bird Registration Opens February
Early Bird Registration Closes 8 May
Regular Registration Period Begins 9 May
Regular Registration Period Closes 5 June
Late Registration Period Begins 6 June
Late Online Registration Period Closes 17 July
On site Registration Period Begins 18 July


Full Conference Registration Includes:
  • Opening Reception
  • Access to Exhibit Hall
  • Access to all sessions, 3-6 August at Le Corum (not pre-congress sessions)
  • Closing Reception
Member of SCB? Country/Student Type of Registration Registration Fee
Member Developed Early €360 / $448
Regular €432 / $537
Late €475 / $592
1 day only €225 / $280
On-site €499 / $621
Developing Early €180 / $224
Regular €216 / $269
Late €238 / $296
1 day only €128 / $145
On-site €249 / $310
Student Early €180 / $224
Regular €216 / $269
Late €238 / $296
1 day only €128 / $159
On-site €249 / $310
Non-member Developed Early €460 / $573
Regular €552 / $687
Late €607 / $756
1 day only €297 / $370
On-site €638 / $795
Developing Early €260 / $324
Regular €312 / $389
Late €343/ $427
1 day only €173 / $215
On-site €360 / $448
Student Early €260 / $324
Regular €312 / $389
Late €343/ $427
1 day only €173 / $215
On-site €360 / $448

All charges are made in Euros. Prices in dollars are only given for reference. Converted to US dollars at the Exchange Rate on Tuesday 20th January 2015.




Lunch boxes:

Distributed at a strategic locations around the Congress Center, lunch boxes provide an alternative for participants looking for a convenient and quick but balanced meal.

Lunch boxes :
1 sandwich, 1 dessert, 1 bottle of water
€15 / $17


Evening options:

Participant Accompanying person
Opening Reception (Included) Opening Reception €20/$23
Closing Reception (Included) Closing Reception €32/$40


Commemorative Congress Options:

ICCB-ECCB Printed Program €12/$15
ICCB-ECCB Mascot €15/$17
ICCB-ECCB T-Shirt €16/$20


Carbon Offset:

Since 2007, SCB has supported carbon sequestration projects at conservation sites to offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with ICCB meetings (primarily travel by participants in the Congress). Past projects include prairie restoration in the Wild Rose Conservation Site in Alberta, Canada (2010-2013) and native thicket restoration in the Baviaanskloof MegaReserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (2007-2010).

Baviaanskloof MegaReserve in South Africa is the site of a previous SCB Carbon Offset Project.


Your ICCB-ECCB 2015 Carbon Offset Fee will help to offset SCB’s the carbon footprint associated with this meeting. All fees will go towards a new carbon offset project that the Society is developing now and that will run through 2017. An update on the location of the new project will be announced on the SCB website as soon as details are finalized this year.

Carbon Offset Fee:

Developed Country Professional €25 / $30
Developing Country Professional or Student €5 / $6


Registration Questions:

Please direct your questions on registration to iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com.

Substitution Policy

Q. I am registered for the Congress, but I cannot attend. May I transfer my registration to someone else?
A. Yes – you may send a substitute provided:

  1. The person who wants to cancel and substitute its registration has to send an email to iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com
  2. In the email, the person need to precise us: the name, surname, email address and postal address of the new participant.
  3. If you have a talk or poster, and the substitute will present your talk or poster, please provide the abstract ID and/or the title of your presentation in the email.
  4. We will come back to the new participant in order to confirm his/her registration.

Important point:
We would like to advise you that we will allow substitutions only with the same type of registration. For example, if the new participant doesn't want any items paid by the canceled attendee, we won't be able to refund anyone according to the cancellation policy.
Conversely, if the new participant would add more items, he should send an email at iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be received in writing via email to iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com. A processing fee of €40 will be charged for cancellations received on or before 1 June, 2015. No refunds will be issued for no-shows. Refund requests will not be accepted after 2 June, 2015. Substitutions for attendees are accepted at any time. Email iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com to process a substitution. Your email should include your name, including your abstract ID number and presentation type if you are a presenter, and the contact details of the substitute attendees. Please indicate if the substitute will present your abstract, if applicable. The subject line should be “ICCB-ECCB Attendee Substitution Request”.

Hardship Cases:

People with special circumstances such as unemployment might qualify for a Student/Developing Country rate. To qualify, please send an email to iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com. Your email should include the start/end dates of your last job, the name of your last employer, and a brief statement that explains why you are requesting a special rate to attend ICCB.

If none of the means of payment below are accessible in your country, please go through the online registration process, select the bank transfer payment option and email iccb-eccb2015@europa-organisation.com stating that you will only be able to pay onsite.